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Today I'm bringing you my very first shop interview! This is a new series I'll also be adding to my YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to stay updated! I'll be featuring fellow YouTuber interviews on video and shop interviews here in the blog.

I'm so excited that we will be starting this new segment with one of my favorite indie Etsy shops of all time: Southern Comforts. I've had the pleasure of getting to know its owner and creative director- Allison- as a reviewer, customer, and now (unbiased) friend. Alright, let's do this!

First thing’s first, introduce yourself to my readers!
Hi! I'm Allison, and I own Southern Comforts Fragrance (SoCoFragrance on Etsy). It's a vegan, cruelty free fragrance line based out of my small home office in Los Angeles, but the whole shebang is moving to Indiana soon so I can start my Ph.D.

Your shop truly has some of the most delicious vegan & cruelty-free fragrances I’ve ever had the pleasure to smell- how did you end up doing something like this?
My best friend Tiffany owns Comet Vomit nail polish (also cf and she's working on reformulating to make every shade vegan), and I was always so proud and envious that she had this incredible self-sustaining creative outlet. She introduced me to the world of indie makeup a few years ago, and I was thrilled to find so many amazing cruelty free brands. I kept trying indie perfumes and thinking "oh, if only it had this note or that one, it would be perfect!" Finally Tiffany and my husband talked me into buying some fragrance oils and playing around. It started out just under a year ago with bath bombs, and now I have hundreds of individual fragrance notes and the most fun job in the world! I mean, who doesn't want to make people smell like cake for a living?

As you know, my content features vegan & cruelty-free brands: is this something you’ve always found important as well?
I've always been an animal lover and I actually talked my whole family into gong vegetarian when I was six or seven. It wasn't until recent years that we have so many serious issues with our industrial food system, and I got really involved in food justice issues. I'm actually moving to Indiana in July to get my Ph.D. in food studies and geography, to try and save the world, ideally. As far as SoCo being vegan and cruelty free, it just seemed obvious because animal welfare is so important to me. We actually rescue Persian cats from breeders and volunteer with a big local cat rescue operation. Here are some pictures of the two we have now, who all of our social media followers know well- Uy and Moonpie.


Your products are so beautifully described and the scents are so unique: where do you find inspiration?
The South is such an amazing place. For all of its faults, it's rich and lush and beautiful. My inspiration comes from missing home!

Any new products coming up we should keep an eye out for?
I'm always working to expand the line! We just released ten spring scents based on my country music heroines: Dolly Parton, Reba, Pasty Cline, and Loretta Lynn. I also recently released a separate line based on the Broadway musical Hamilton, which are really complex and different from what I normally make, so those are really fun for both SoCo fans and the really amazing Hamilton fandom. We also just released a whipped soap and a shower gel. I have gears turning about a really great fall line, but right now I'm taking a creative break and focusing on the big move!

Last but not least: as with any established company, yours seems to have gained some negative attention online from drama loving trolls. Would you like to take this time to address that issue?
I let my work speak for itself. I have a community of happy customers whom I've grown friendships with- including you. I've always been an honest person but I also refuse to engage in drama as it is not what my business is about.

Bonus question: who would win in a fight- a taco or a sweet potato?
A sweet potato doesn't need to fight a taco! They can be friends! Sweet potato tacos are delicious.

I hope this has given my readers some insight as to how genuinely wonderful Allison and her shop are. Feel free to check out her shop, and visit her other social media to follow SoCo's work!

You can also watch my review video here:

Have a great weekend!

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