Quick & Easy Vegan Lunch


Yesterday I used my previous meal prep bean mix and turned it into a delicious wrap with some extra ingredients! I was able to cook it all in less than 20 minutes and make it to work on time, which I'll admit can be a difficult task as my time management is sucktastic at best.

This is my I-know-it-looks-weird-but-I-swear-it-tastes-incredible meal shot.

All I did was throw some kidney beans, lentils & chickpeas in the pan with a tiny bit of coconut oil. I added some red onion, oregano, cayenne pepper, himalayan salt and a few squeezes of lime.

As that was cooking I popped some BBQ gardein "chicken" wings in the oven and started cutting up my avocado. Once everything was done I wrapped it in my fave Ezekiel tortilla (full of nutritional value & protein) and voilĂ - foodgasm in your vegan pants.

Sorry not sorry.

What's your fave quick meal to make?


  1. I always thought vegans are not appraised, but I was wrong. this vegan lunch was so fantastic to eat. I am loving it. They are appreciated more than eat lovers.

  2. wow this vegan lunch is really amazing , i am loving it, and thank you so much for sharing these beauty and lifestyle stuff as well, a lot of appericiation, keep it up.


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