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If you haven't been following me for long, you may not know about the vegan subscription box service that I rave about monthly! Let's change that, shall we?

Petit Vour is a luxury vegan monthly subscription box service that costs $15 monthly for US residents ($23 for Canada). They also have an awesome online shop through their website that ships worldwide and allows you to earn points as you review products!

I have quite a few videos up on my channel [which you can find here] showing the current month's box and reviewing the last. In this post, I'll be showing you February's box!

I have no idea how, but I managed to lose the beautiful postcard that this month's box came with. They have been working with a new illustration artist to create GORGEOUS art work that you can keep for display! Credit for the photo above goes to Petit Vour's instagram account.

Not only are they very eco-friendly with their perfectly sized boxes and paper fillings, but they also feature mostly natural products! I always end up with holy grail items and the boxes are a perfect balance of lifestyle & beauty.

Let's start with the first product in the box! Juice beauty is such an incredible brand. I've tried a few of their items and am never disappointed. This month we get to try their Stem Cellular Booster Serum! It is valued at $19.50 for the .26 oz travel size sample.

Next up is this Hair Smoothie by Graydon. This 35 ml bottle is valued at $2.50. I've heard some incredible things about this brand and can't wait to try this! This formulation is silicone-free and is supposed to work wonders for your locks!

This is probably the product I was most excited to receive/try- an eyeshadow by HAN Skin Care Cosmetics! This shade is called Taupey Plum and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is a full size item valued at $13!

It felt so buttery on my fingers, and only took a light swatch to be fully opaque!

The shade is so wearable and has a satin finish. I'll try to post photos when I create a look using it!

Last but definitely not least is this natural perfume by Christy Organics in Trance. This 1 ml sample is valued at $5.25! Its notes include jasmine, cedarwood & bergamot. 100% natural and made in Australia!

This month's box came to a total value of $40! Considering how many amazing brands you get to try out and the fact that you only pay $15 if you're US based, that's a damn good deal to me. A common theme of their boxes is the focus of quality over quantity, which I greatly appreciate.

Okay, now let's wrap this up with my quick review of last month's box:
S.W. Basics Mini Cream: I know a lot of people complained about its scent, but I honestly did not have an issue with it at all. It smelled like shea butter to me, and I loved it! You can mix essential oils in it if it is too intense for you, though.
French Girl Organics Rose Lip Polish: Absolutely obsessed with this item. It is such an amazing scrub! The granules aren't too harsh on the lips, and the natural oils work to moisturize them while the scrub cleans away dead skin. If you're not a fan of rose scents, I would still recommend this. It is very subtle and pleasant!
Kaia Naturals Bamboo Tapioca Beads Daily Powdered Face Cleanser: If you're a long-time viewer you already know how blunt and honest I am... so let me just admit that I haven't used this yet. I'm definitely curious to, but I've been getting my skin under control again with my new Osea products so I'm waiting to try this once all is well!
Evelyn Iona Gel Liner + Brush Set: Oh. My. MAKEUP GOD. This gel liner is seriously incredible. It goes on SO smoothly and stays on like a dream. The brush is also very handy and easy to use! I love the aesthetic of it, but the fact that it's also functional is a huge plus.
You can watch me unbox it here.

Do you get a monthly subscription service? If so, which one? If you would like for me to feature anything specific on my future posts please let me know! I hope this helped you decide whether or not to get a subscription of your own, which you can do so here!
Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

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