Cruelty-Free Loopholes


In lieu of a Friday video, I wanted to pop in and show you all something I posted today on Instagram. This way, not only can I share it with you all, but if I ever delete the photo we will have the content here for reference!

Photo details: Harvey Prince "Hello" perfume, one of the many brands listed in's cruelty-free list. Use the code "HELLOLOVE" to receive a free mini-roller at!

     Let me begin by saying this isn't an attack on anyone specifically, it's an observation from years of dealing with this subject. Ok so let's go...

     Our community needs to understand that even though getting the cruelty-free word out there is a super positive and encouraging thing, it comes with its downfalls. When companies see a trend in anything (even if it's something like ethics and compassion) they fully use it to their advantage as a marketing tactic.

     If you ask someone "is your product cruelty-free?" & they say yes, that does not mean it's cruelty-free. This is why I always, always suggest that people use's list. Until a company goes through an in depth certification process, they can manipulate the shhh out of you with loopholes that you may not catch. It's so much easier to follow a curated list that is actually updated and trustworthy and isn't manipulated by $ than to make a mistake you may not catch. If you're comfortable with your knowledge, go for it! But please make sure you're actually well-versed on the subject and do not spread bad information that could cause others to follow your bad lead.

I have been working on something for months that will hopefully help everyone wanting to go cruelty-free, but for now I just want to leave you all with this: is it worth feeding the guilt and superficial craving without knowing for sure if you're contributing toward an innocent life's slow & painful death? Also, don't become defensive when someone tells you "I don't think it's cruelty-free". As a community, we are here to help one another learn and warn each other of deceiving brands!

Thank you for listening!
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