Petit Vour February 2016 Box


Hi friends :)

If you haven't been following me for long, you may not know about the vegan subscription box service that I rave about monthly! Let's change that, shall we?

Quick & Easy Vegan Lunch


Yesterday I used my previous meal prep bean mix and turned it into a delicious wrap with some extra ingredients! I was able to cook it all in less than 20 minutes and make it to work on time, which I'll admit can be a difficult task as my time management is sucktastic at best.

Cruelty-Free Loopholes


In lieu of a Friday video, I wanted to pop in and show you all something I posted today on Instagram. This way, not only can I share it with you all, but if I ever delete the photo we will have the content here for reference!

Latest Vegan Beauty Faves


With my channel's growth came some exciting opportunities for me to work with so many different brands! I wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite recent ones in case you haven't been staying up-to-date with my videos (which you can totally fix by binge watching them here... just sayin')

Vegan Meal Prep Recipes


So sorry for the delay in writing this post! A few of you that watched my meal prep video asked for an actual recipe- but the problem is that I sort of eyeball everything... so I've done my best to put all of the information together for you! I'll separate it all into two parts, one for each video- and from there separate by dish. I hope it helps!

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