My Vegan Story


If you were to tell my 15 year old self that I would grow up to live a vegan eco-conscious lifestyle, I would probably laugh and continue to chew on a disgusting chicken heart. Yeah, I said chicken heart.

I was born & raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, where eating meat is as common as drinking water. Meals there consist of rice, beans, and some sort of animal. We have restaurants dedicated to endless meat consumption as waiters circled tables throughout the night holding skewers & large cutting utensils. Basically, I underwent the typical world-wide social conditioning of what constitutes a pet & what constitutes food- never realizing how speciesist this "normal" lifestyle was.

I honestly don't remember when I decided to go vegetarian, but I thank myself for finally seeing the light. I remember going cold-turkey (or should I say tofurkey?) and never looking back. It felt as natural as breathing air- and I also remember feeling ethically aligned and rejuvenated. As I continued this lifestyle, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of perspective. How difficult avoiding animal products could be as they snuck into meals unwanted... and how surprising it was to find that even things like marshmallows or McDonald's french fries weren't vegetarian.

Then it happened...

I finally began seeing how f*cked the food industry really had become. It was no longer an issue of finding foods that were "safe" to eat meat-wise, but an issue of finding food that was safe to eat PERIOD. The hormones, anti-biotics, and even feces lurking in factory farms and grocery store foods; the factories remaining in operation even as children everywhere died from food-related diseases without ever making the news. Needless to say, it was enough to make me want to sell everything I owned and move to a farm far away where I am in complete control of my own produce.

The dairy industry was perhaps one of the most horrific hidden "surprises" that made me decide to go fully vegan. I was already practicing living a lifestyle that suited who I really was (eliminating leather and any products tested on animals, etc), so making the change was an easy transition. I honestly thought the withdrawals would kick my ass, and my addiction to cheese would make it nearly impossible... but I can now say it was the best decision I have ever made in my life, other than adopting my beautiful cat Waffle from the kill shelter. My body completely showed signs of gratitude rather than weakness, thanking me with results.

You may be thinking at this point: Leticia, you must look amazing! A fit, tan & gorgeous woman! If so, stop there. Here is the other realization everyone needs to be aware of: weight does not equate to health. I am still a curvy, voluptuous Brazilian woman and my Italian blood runs deep. That didn't change. And I'm so, so thankful for this. However, you know what did change? I rarely ever get sick anymore. It was almost becoming a tradition that right before my period, my immune system would crash and the visits to the doctor would commence. I don't just mean your usual western medicine treatment of "here are your antibiotics, see you next month" as I made my insurance company and health clinic filthy rich- I mean full on near hospitalization from my tonsils closing and my fevers reaching an all-time high. Strep throat being as common as a cold. Cancer scares. Endless blood work, CT scans and other tests. I was miserable... but now all that has changed.

I can't even remember the last time I was sick, or the last time I took medication for issues. I've learned how to treat my body like the temple it deserves to be, and how to naturally help it strengthen and thrive. Things like my acne disappeared, and stomach aches are rare as ever. Even my suicidal depression improved. Of course, I'm not undefeatable- but man am I a strong, healthy bitch.

Anyone that says they can't go vegan isn't being honest with themselves. I had all of the obstacles that can be thrown at someone, and not once did I find it difficult to overcome them. Health issues, financial problems, a family that ate/still eats nothing but meat, etc. We keep telling ourselves living this lifestyle is a privilege only some get- but we don't quite see how much more money and resources it really takes to consume animals. We also don't realize the damage animal agriculture is causing not only to ourselves but our world. My beautiful Brazilian rainforest estimated to be gone in 10 years.

People try to tell me that regardless of what I do, things won't change... but I refuse to accept that. I see the change happening already. The myriad of companies introducing our culture to incredible vegan products, including replacements for those who need to take babysteps out of their conditioned diet. The 400,000,000 animals saved last year from people that didn't consume them. The community online growing at a huge speed, even influencing more well-known people with big platforms to inform and change.

I will always be grateful for those that are part of this beautiful movement, and will never stop bettering myself so that my children have a better world to live in and a brighter future to enjoy. I am still learning to this day, and it is helping me live a more inspired, enchanting and fulfilling life. I can only hope others are lucky enough to feel this way some day.



  1. I recognised some of the excuses you made because I made them too. I'm pretty new to all things vegan but I'm learning and transitioning step by step. I've had a lot of time to think about it and I realised that if I wasn't doing anything it wasn't for me but for the others, which sounds stupid and crazy. Now here I am, no meat or fish in my diet and changing every single product I repurchase to a cruelty free one. Thanks to channels like yours I discovered that vegan products not only exists but are the only option. So here I am right now, a little overwhelmed by tons and tons of information but so happy because not having any information was one of the main issues. Online world, not everything bad ;-)
    Ok, I think I've taked a lot haha Thank you for your sincerity and for making your channel the way you want to do it, I love it xxx

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