How To E-mail Companies: A Cruelty-Free Layout / Guideline! *UPDATED 2017


Have you ever wondered what questions are asked when companies undergo cruelty-free certification? Unfortunately, most lists have a very short and simply unreliable process which often causes testing brands to fall through the cracks. Companies now have become more manipulative than ever, issuing statements full of deceptions. This is why I only go by the list, as I have found them to be the most reliable and well-versed source. I do, however, still contact companies directly (mostly in the case of indie brands) with my own set of questions that I wanted to share with you all today. I hope this helps you be more careful when going cruelty-free and finding the best of the best for honest brands!

Hello (insert company name),

As a cruelty-free consumer, I find it very important to request transparency from companies that I choose to purchase from. I would appreciate answers to a few questions that I have in regards to your company & animal testing:

Are your ingredients tested on animals?

Are your products tested on animals?

Are you owned by a company that requires animal testing to be done, therefore placing you as a company under parent testing?

Does your company sell/distribute in places such as but not limited to China where testing is required?
(Note: If company only answers “we don’t sell in China”, this could still mean they are avoiding the question. Required by law testing could happen anywhere. In the US and EU certain ingredients are required to be tested. Same with Japan.)

If your company does not test, do you commission testing to be done by anyone else including but not limited to your suppliers?

Does your company verify or check that its suppliers or affiliates do not perform any kind of animal testing?

Does your company regulate where your distributors sell, therefore avoiding products being sold in markets where testing is required?

Optional: Is your brand waiting to begin or currently in the process of being approved for the Logical Harmony cruelty-free brand list?

Optional: Does your business offer a list of vegan items or discount codes?

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful week!


(Insert your name here).

Please be aware that even if a company answers these questions, there can still be holes that you may miss which only a certification process would catch. I always suggest following's curated list of brands that do not test above all else!
Thank you for your efforts in making sure you gain accurate information so as to avoid harming any animals- I love you!


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for this :-)
    Rach xx

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