Becoming Vegan: My Top 5 Tips


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     Before I begin, let me quickly say that I have been active on my YouTube channel which you can find under xoLoveLeti <- or click there. If you want beauty/lifestyle related videos featuring tons of awesome brands, go check it out!

     Now... onto the main event. Recently I was asked to be a "mentor" for someone's class project in relation to becoming vegan/etc. After the initial shock of "Wait, what? Me? A mentor? Are you sure?" and feeling incredibly humbled, I began typing my vegan story (which you may have previously read). I never really realized that the decision of living a different lifestyle would impact my life so much, but as I typed I began to really grasp how big the change was for not only myself but my perspective. I also realized how much credit I never gave myself for changing so drastically and never looking back.

     With these realizations, came my next idea (which you are currently in the midst of). Tips. Something I never really searched for or had when I was transitioning into this lifestyle. The main reason why I want to share this with everyone is that I feel like I can offer an unbiased guideline. I was a meat eater most of my life, and as I mentioned before had every obstacle one could have thrown at me. I'm still surrounded by and living with people that live the opposite lifestyle as I do daily, but it has not affected me one bit. Rather than spending my time judging and enforcing my own choices onto others, I have learned to simply do my own thing and inform as I go when I see fit. It has actually helped influence others around me in a positive manner without a harsh approach- which brings me to tip #1:

My Vegan Story


If you were to tell my 15 year old self that I would grow up to live a vegan eco-conscious lifestyle, I would probably laugh and continue to chew on a disgusting chicken heart. Yeah, I said chicken heart.

I was born & raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, where eating meat is as common as drinking water. Meals there consist of rice, beans, and some sort of animal. We have restaurants dedicated to endless meat consumption as waiters circled tables throughout the night holding skewers & large cutting utensils. Basically, I underwent the typical world-wide social conditioning of what constitutes a pet & what constitutes food- never realizing how speciesist this "normal" lifestyle was.

I honestly don't remember when I decided to go vegetarian, but I thank myself for finally seeing the light. I remember going cold-turkey (or should I say tofurkey?) and never looking back. It felt as natural as breathing air- and I also remember feeling ethically aligned and rejuvenated. As I continued this lifestyle, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of perspective. How difficult avoiding animal products could be as they snuck into meals unwanted... and how surprising it was to find that even things like marshmallows or McDonald's french fries weren't vegetarian.

Then it happened...

How To E-mail Companies: A Cruelty-Free Layout / Guideline! *UPDATED 2017


Have you ever wondered what questions are asked when companies undergo cruelty-free certification? Unfortunately, most lists have a very short and simply unreliable process which often causes testing brands to fall through the cracks. Companies now have become more manipulative than ever, issuing statements full of deceptions. This is why I only go by the list, as I have found them to be the most reliable and well-versed source. I do, however, still contact companies directly (mostly in the case of indie brands) with my own set of questions that I wanted to share with you all today. I hope this helps you be more careful when going cruelty-free and finding the best of the best for honest brands!

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