Petit Vour Limited Edition FW 2014 Box


Oh. My. GLOB.

I didn't think Petit Vour could out-do their monthly boxes in any way... but this limited edition fashion week box just blew my mind.

(I apologize in advance for the wonky lighting!)

Upside-Down Flower Deco DIY

Not long ago, I saw a blog post by Cat from spoiled peaches and just fell in love. Her style is so on point- and the idea she had to pair a photo from an herb store with bedroom decor was genius. I had to try and recreate it on my own right away! I was at ikea and saw a beautiful assortment of flowers and figured that was my chance. I picked out the ones I thought paired best together.

Dallas Meet-up!


I worked doubles this week just to have this weekend off... and man was it worth it!

I spent last night celebrating my little brother's 21st birthday at one of my favorite bars with his & my friends, and today I got to meet 3 incredible girls that are huge in the YouTube community and in my heart! Haha :)

I wish I had gotten better photos, but I was happy just to chat with them! They were some of the most lovely ladies ever- beautiful inside & out! Had a blast seeing them and I even had a couple of girls request photos with ME! How crazy is that!?

Bits & Bobs

I felt like taking random photos around my room the other day... a little stress relief I suppose?

Some of the items currently living in my purse.

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