Love Goodly Subscription Box: April/May 2017


I hate using the cliche line ~I can't believe it's already April~ but MOTHER OF PEARL I can't believe it's freakin' APRIL! And you know what that means...

Epiphany Soapworks: A Review


Today I want to talk to you about skincare. Not just any ol' regular toxic-chemical-filled-hyped-up products... no. I'm talking vegan, cruelty-free, all natural, high-quality, handcrafted and Earth friendly actually-worth-a-strange-run-on-sentence-while-doing-a-little-dance type of products.

Love Goodly Subscription Box: February/March 2017


For once I'm actually posting on the correct month this box applies to!
*Gives self an adulting pat on the back*

Let's get into this baby...



One of the things I love most about having subscribers with the same taste as me is that I often find incredible companies through their suggestions! Today's feature is no exception; A to Z Candles has become one of my favorite brands thanks to my bunny family!

Come find out why!

Love Goodly Subscription Box: October/November 2016


Why no, you are not mistaken... it is in fact December- and the title is correct. Can you tell how behind I am on things? Alright, let's skip the proper intro and just get into this thing!

Osea Malibu: Vegan Holy Grail Skincare


When it comes to dermatological issues (I've been dying to use that hilarious word), I am no novice. I've suffered with oily, sensitive, pore-enlarged, acne-prone skin since I can remember. Doesn't that sound lovely? Yeah... not fun.

Although my vegan diet truly helped, finding a good skincare routine has been, as DJ Khaled would say, the key to success.

Eye of Horus *NEW* Vegan Mascara!


Long time no see, friends!
I am so excited to be one of the few bloggers chosen to announce this exciting new release from Eye of Horus! Apart from the stunning packaging and equally quality products, their care for customers makes their brand stand out above many others.

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